The Mabel Tainter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by ticket sales, rental fees, and the generous support of individuals and corporate sponsors.

The Wisconsin Arts Board is important for the work it does with extremely limited resources to foster the quality of life, the effectiveness of education, and the evolution of our State's creative economy.

With the fiscal year 2018 grant of $2400 that we received from the Arts Board's Creation and Presentation grant program, we will serve hundreds of patrons in Northwestern Wisconsin with performances at The Mabel Tainter Theater.

The fact that, faced with limited funding and increasing pressures, teachers will bring more than 250 children to one of our high-quality performances this year testifies to the ability of the arts to engage kids in learning. Among the dozens of activities chosen to supplement the K-12 curriculum is the extraordinary Ballet Co. Laboratory performance of Gentle Human in the Spring, amongst other opportunities.

The events made possible by the Wisconsin Arts Board support range from national stars like Paula Poundstone to great artists who are home-grown right here in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Arts Board receives just pennies from our taxes each year. Those funds then pass directly to communities throughout Wisconsin – to make sure that arts activity takes place all over the state. In 2018-2019, those pennies add up to $2400 coming back to our community to help us and the other grantees in our community to enhance the quality of life, education, entertainment, creativity, commercial and civic vitality throughout our area. You should also know that the Wisconsin Arts Board provides access to advice, mutual support, and best practices.

Current Donors

The Mabel Tainter earns about 60% of its operational budget through ticket sales and rent. The remaining 40% generously comes from sponsors, featured on each page, and donors listed below. Thank YOU!

Benefactor - $1000+

Steve & Diane Brown
Ted & Linda Dezurik
Bob & Heidi Grundvig
Alex, Erin & Gavin Hall
Lanna & Larry Laird
James Ley
Paul & Kathy McNally
Diane Morehouse
Belva & Kristofer Osegard
Leo Schindler & Sandy Ott
LE Phillips Family Foundation
Dale & Cindy Quilling
Steve & Mary Rasmussen
Bruce & Katherine Rhoades
Donald Salisbury
Cynthia & Gordon Smith
James & Beverly Spagnoletti
Kevin Tharp
Clarence Talen Charitable Trust
Jerry Talen Charitable Trust
Rita Ulesich
Maggie Valiante
James & Carolyn Walter
Andrew T. & Kristen Walter Jr.
Larry & Lucy Weidner

Director - $500 to $999

Lopa Basu
Karen & Kim Fruit
Jan Harvey
Jon & Martha Hove
Lawrence Jess
Junction City Liquor
Fred & Ellen Ochs
Kim & Jerry Porter
Nick & Mary Rassbach
Jill Rassbach-Pember
Steve Rosas
Dale & Carol Seppa
Rebecca Staiger
Bonnie Trimble
Brad & Marni Waznik
Richard & Barbara Weghorn
Dr. Yun

Associate - $250 to $499

Rod Hildahl
Hoof & Paw Veterinary Clinic
Unitarian Society of Menomonie
Beth & Terry Ford
Don & Pat Kuether
Cheryl Lowery
Marie Young
Laverne & Flora L. Ausmann
Linda & Dan Chase
Juliet Fox
Thomas & Stephanie Harvey
Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic
Tom & Barb Johnson
Dennis Kropp
Marvin & Janice Kufahl
Flora Lehman
Dale & Wendy Marcott
Jeff & Mary McSweeney
Cindy & Brad O'Connell
Vicky & Scott Sinz
Irene & Charles Smith
Michael Tomasek
Julie & Steve Weghorn
Becky & Dave Wood
Susan Zavada

Patron - $100 to $249

Eldon & Joan Burstad
Judy Foust
Kristen Billingsley
Antoinette & Dennis Ciesielski
Howard & Charlotte Lee
Fredrick & Ruth Menz
John Moseng
Joe & Peg Veilleux
Sandy Haesly
Dennis & Margaret McCabe
Phlayne Olson
Celene Frey & Roy Ostenso
Truist by Frontstream
Pat & Pete Avery
Rick & Sandy Ayres
Bill & Mary Ann Bailey
Carolyn & Larry Barnhart
Paulette Baumgartner
Eleanor Brewer
Margaret Brostrom
Tom & Joyce Bruckner
Jan & Bill Brunkow
Mim Canny
Carl Casper
Lucas Chase
Ann Cook
David Cotts
Robert & Barb Dahlke
Bob & Sue Dahm
Peg Danner
Phil & Peg Diser
Dunn County Economic Development Corp.
Toby & Marian
Mary Ensworth
John & Joanne Evans
Tiiu Feirn
Katherine Flug Meadow Mist Farm
Glenn & Janice Gehring
Tom & Joan Harris
Paul & Judy Helgeson
Lee & Sally Hofer
Richard & Debra Homa
Renee Howarton
Rosemary Jacobson
Neil & Marie Koch
Gloria Kraemer
Ronald & Gloria Larson
Don & Kay Lentz
Allan & Joan May
David McCordick
Laura & Kelly McCullough
John & Muriel Mikkelson
Cory & Julie Rae Miller
Nancy & Gus Myran
Sylvia Nelson
Bill & Sandy Neverdahl
Larry Past
Ruth & William Petryk
Luanne Reckin
Mary Rosolack
Rich & Jeanne Rothaupt
Ron & Joan Sandfort
Mike & Sally Schendel
David & Joan Hamblin Schifeling
Tom & Barb Schmelzle
Steven & Kathy Schrantz
Bruce & Terry Siebold
Dr. Nate & Becky Splett
Gregory Stokes
Steve & Peggy Terry
Susan Thurin
Dayle Mandelson & Richard Tyson
Don & Jean Vasey
Martha Wallen
John Wesolek
David & Amy Whelan
Judy Wier
Bob & Jan Willow
Kristy Zimmerman

Contributor - $50 to $99

Thomas & Phyllis Agness
Carol Bakke
Bonita & Gary Barnak
Gary & Sue Barnett
David & Barbara Bartlett
Ken & Vicky Berg
Paul Bonstrom
Jay & Dee Bouley
C.T. Bundy 2nd
Karen & Loyd Donnelly
Jim, Janice & Ryland Erdman
Tim & Karen Evenson
Jon Faschingbauer
Pat Fox
Ronald & Judy Fry
Virginia Gierke
Terry Dunst & Jill Goodrich
Kathleen Grandstaff
Kathy & Bob Hirsch
Jerry Hoeflein
Mary & Richard Hopkins-Best
Louis & Rose Ann Husby
Dr. Earl & Mrs. Elvera Jacot
Marlys Jones
Joe Kettner III
Roz & Rog Klanderman
Jean Kleven
Sharon Knopp
Patrick & Bridget Kurtenbach
Warren & Marion Lang
Roger & Marlene Lee
Dana Leipnitz
Barbara Lindberg
Allen Lovejoy
Rob & Wendy MacDougall
Stephen & Brenda Mahannah
David & Irma Jean Maves
Marge McManus
Wayne & Pat Miller
Lynn & Julie Miller
Ken & Ceil Mueller
Joseph Pelikan
Dr. William & Frances Powell
Randy & Jade Roinila
Jo Ann Rucker
Michael & Claudia Shepard
Michael Smart
Joe Plouff & Lavonne Solem
Robert & Beverly Spinti
Jana Reeg-Steidinger
Ralph & Susan Suechting
Annette & John Taylor
Susan & Wayne Thibado
Jerry & Jan Traxler
Otto & Marilyn Waldbuesser
Gladys Waller
Marvin & Rhonda Whitman