Adrian Lee's 2019 Presentation

Enjoy the mystery of the unknown? Want to have a paranormal experience in a beautiful - haunted theater? Are you interested in learning about Ufology, Cryptozoology, Mothman, and other paranormal experiences from local and national paranormal experts? Join us for our Inaugural event in September 2019!

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Singular Fortean Society - Ghosts of the Mabel Tainter Article

A special observation from Johnsdale Paranormal Group:

In August of 2016, we visited Menomonie for a 2-night investigation of the theater. It quickly became pretty clear that the Mabel Tainter Theater was not going to disappoint! On night one, we were talking with a small group of theater board members and their family members as they were setting set up for the night. Brian happened to be out on the stage talking to one of the board member's husband, when he (Brian) noticed a shadow figure in the shape of a person up behind the back row of seats in the balcony. As he turned and looked at the shadow person, it sunk down behind one of the seats and disappeared! The gentleman that Brian was talking to said, "I thought I saw something up there earlier too!"We also had some interesting experiences up in Reverend Henry Doty Maxson's office. We use a device known as a "Spirit Box", which is an AM/FM pocket radio that rapidly scans through stations without muting the white noise and without locking on any broadcast. The theory is that entities can use radio frequencies and/or the white noise generated by un-broadcasted radio frequencies to communicate. As we were in the Reverend's office, we asked who was in the room at that time. We received an answer out of the spirit box that said, "Billie".....(which is what we normally call William).

Since that first investigation at the Mabel Tainter, we've been back numerous times for various reasons. We've led group investigations as fundraising events, we've conducted additional private investigations for our own research, and we recently returned for a weekend to film an episode for our upcoming documentary series. Each time we've been back, there have been unexplainable occurrences that have happened! Odd lights, footsteps, disembodied voices, people feeling like they get touched by something that isn't there, and odd spirit box responses are pretty common. During one group investigation, I was sitting at a table in the lower level bar area, talking to the folks that were there to participate in the night's investigation. All of a sudden, the drawer in the side of the table (which had previously been stuck shut...I even tried to pull it open about 10 minutes earlier, but couldn't) actually shot out of the table on it's own, struck me in the leg, and then fell to the floor! Again....we were unfortunate in the fact that we did not have cameras running at that time.

Since we officially formed Johnsdale Paranormal Group back in 2009, we've been to a number of paranormal events and conventions. After the first investigation we conducted at the Mabel in 2016, we were pretty certain that a larger paranormal event would be extremely successful there, and in 2017, we started working with the theater to develop what has ultimately become one of the more unique paranormal conventions in the entire Midwest - ParaNomiCon!

261 VIP attendees will get the opportunity to hear from, and interact with an amazing collection of paranormal researchers including Grant Wilson, Loren Coleman, Travis Walton, and Karl Pfeiffer. Topics will include ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman, UFO/Alien encounters, psychics/mediums, and much more! There will also be opportunities for a select number of attendees to participate in actual paranormal investigations of the Mabel Tainter Theater with Grant Wilson and Johnsdale Paranormal Group! To be able to host and/or attend a VIP paranormal convention at one of the top restored Victorian theaters in the world is truly an exciting and unique opportunity.

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