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Mabel Tainter To Retire All Debt!

To Those Who Grew Up With Our Mabel

*Please note, any funds in excess of the goal of this effort will go to general operations.

$20,000 ~ Executive Producer Level

$10,000 - $19,999 ~ Producer Level

$5,000 - $9,999 ~ Director Level

$1000 - $4,999 ~ Playwright Level

Mehar & Savitri Arora
LaVerne Ausman
James & Nancy Benson
Bill & Jane Butsic

Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic
Citizens State Bank
David Cook
Pinckney & Susan Hall
Marvin & Janice Kufahl
Dan Hampton

Jon & Martha Hove
Menomonie Eye & Optical
Nick Ruehl
Chuck Stokke

Dr. James & Patricia Walker
Larry & Lucy Weidner

$500 - $999 ~ Patron Level
Bear Valley Electric
Linda & Dan Chase
Lucas Chase, Board Member
Antoinette & Dennis Ciesielski
Len & Merna Frank
A.B. & Claudi Manning
Market & Johnson
Jeff McSweeney, Executive Director
Diane Morehouse
Annette & John Taylor
Susan Thurin
Jean Vasey
Steve & Julie Weghorn - Board Member

Downtown Menomonie
Carla Brown
Crimson Skies
Town & Country Antiques
Bookends on Main
La Dee Dah
Anshus Jewelers
Daniel & Debra Olson
Veronica Smith

Menomonie High School Alumni & Friends
Phillip Callen
Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic
Natalie Cycenas
James & Patricia Dahn
Wayne & Mary Drake
William & Mary Hermanson
John & Deborah Herren
Charles Keyes
Shirley Kistner
Linda Deutsch Lambert
Ronald & Gloria Larson in memory of George & Ellie Larson
Ronald & Gloria Larson in memory of Kenneth & Ruth Lehmann
Dave Odegard
Richard O'Neill
Robert & Patricia Rue
Nick Ruehl
Sandy & Tony Schlemm
Jana Reed Steidinger
Amy Styer
Bill Terrill, Jr.
Carmela Wiese
Emilie Wiese
Marie Young

What do you remember growing up in Menomonie in the ‘50s and ‘60s?  Summers spent at Wakanda Park, fishing crappies at Evergreen Cemetery, band concerts at Wilson Park, riding bikes for hours out Co. Rd. J, watermelon slices at Stout. Sound familiar?  What about walking the Red Cedar trail, ice fishing on Lake Menomin or searching for books at the public library?

All of these activities bring back special memories, but the one place in Menomonie that captured our entire family’s heart was the Mabel Tainter.  I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but when we heard about the campaign for the Mabel Tainter, the three of us wondered why this beautiful, historic building continues to inspire us even though we haven’t lived in Menomonie for quite a while.  We talked about a “mysterious place, full of wonderful adventures!” We remembered the high ceilings, the stain glass windows, the stacks of books, the sliding ladder, the round table with the center heater, the card catalog - all under the guidance of rather somber librarians—the Pinkepank sisters.  From Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys, from sports stories to biographies to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  What an incredible introduction to the “outside world” we all had.

As we grew older, the theatre behind those heavy wooden doors became of greater interest to us and brought even more memories: The Mabel Tainter hosted high school plays and concerts, and even our parents acted in community productions—Dad as Captain Tainter in Bequest for Tomorrow, and Mom as Mary Todd Lincoln in Black Friday.  Were you ever on stage or did you work backstage? So many friends involved in acting, writing and producing—and inspiring:  Barbara Gavin, John Russell, Doris Harmston Cronk, and others who loved theatre and the arts and who brought them alive for everyone who came through those doors.

By now, we are certain your own memories of this community treasure have taken over.  All of us have a unique opportunity to help this local, historic treasure become debt-free!  With your financial support, we can join with others to retire the remaining $95,000 of debt, and use valuable resources for programming that will create memories for generations to come.

Please join in Passing the Memories On!    Donate at:   

Judy Ruehl Cole, Class of ‘61 / Geri Ruehl Evans, Class of ‘64 

Jim “Nick” Ruehl, Class of ‘66 / Philip “Bill” Ruehl (deceased) Class of ‘70

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